Resolving Your Divorce or Criminal Legal Matter

New York State Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

img_home_picture_frame_1Facing a divorce or separation, a Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Under the Influence Charge, or other domestic or criminal issue? The most important thing is to be able to successfully move on with your life. At The Law Office of Shari R. Gordon, we give you the legal foundation to do so according to your personal goals and aspirations.

Our Offices located in White Plains and Yorktown Heights, New York, have helped people resolve their family law and criminal defense issues for over a quarter of a century. We offer a variety of options to couples seeking a legal separation or divorce. For people facing felonies or misdemeanor criminal charges, we provide a effective criminal defense representation by an experienced trial attorney. Whatever your family law or criminal defense issue, we can help you resolve the matter as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible.