Shari Gordon Esq

My exposure to many women judges . . . has demonstrated the importance of women on the bench.

A: I joined the Westchester Women’s Bar Association in or about 2002 after moving my law practice to Westchester County. Encouraged by WWBA member Alayne Katz, and mentored by Past-President of the WWBA Kathleen Donelli, Esq, of McCarthy Fingar, LLP, I became CoChair of the Public Relations Committee. Subsequently, I became a four term State Director, a position in which I currently continue to serve. Also, I became the Co-Chair of Families Children and Courts Committee, a position I have held since 2004. I also served on the WWBA Judicial Screening Committee. For the Women’s Bar of the State of New York (WBASNY), our “mother organization,” I was for many years Co-Chair of Reproductive Rights, focusing on the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, to codify into New York’s Public Health Law the right of a woman to choose her own reproductive health. I was also instrumental in facilitating WBASNY becoming a member of the New York Alliance for Women’s Health, a coalition of over 50 women’s health care organizations promoting equal access to health care for women