A Cost-Effective Alternative to Litigation

By giving you control of your divorce, the mediation process not only allows you and your spouse to set the terms of your divorce agreement, but also helps you avoid the costly and time consuming process of litigation.

Divorce Mediation Can Work

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Mediation can be a cost effective alternative to litigation for many couples.

An Experienced Divorce Mediation Attorney Can Help

If you are seeking to directly negotiate the terms of your divorce with your spouse, but need help establishing a framework for discussion, enlisting the help of an experienced mediator to guide you through the process could be your best option.

Shari R. Gordon, Divorce Attorney
Shari R. Gordon, Esq.
Divorce Mediator

At the Law Offices of Shari R. Gordon, we help people in White Plains and the surrounding area obtain cost-effective divorce settlements through the process of mediation. We act as a neutral third party in this process, guiding couples through negotiations by presenting clear questions that need to be resolved before an agreement can be finalized.