DWI Arrests

Contrary to popular belief there are many defenses to a charge of Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. Many aspects of a DWI charge are based upon subjective observations by law enforcement officers at the time of arrest. For example, the question of whether officers followed correct procedures may be central to your DWI defense. At our firm, we analyze all aspects of your arrest, including:

We analyze all relevant facts and legal precedents to determine whether the police had probable cause to stop your vehicle. If not, all evidence obtained thereafter may be excluded from evidence and result in a successful conclusion to your case without ever going to trial.

These tests involve numerous subjective observations by police officers, such as observations of speech patterns, bloodshot eyes, alcohol odor and ability to focus, balance and recite numbers backwards. We will subject officers written statements and/or testimony to careful examination as to inaccuracies and errors. On occasion, Police Officers are unable to recite claimed observations in conformance with legal standards. This may make the Prosecutions case insufficient.

Sometimes people are not properly informed of their legal rights regarding administration of breathalyzer tests. We analyze whether your tests were properly administered and whether your refusal of a test is grounds for license revocation. We also examine breathlyzer reports for non-conformity with statutory time requirements for administration of such tests, which can prevent admission of test results in evidence.

DWI Defense

For people who have been charged with drunk driving, the biggest factor in their defense often involves the circumstances that occurred during the course of their DWI arrest. Did the police follow proper procedures? Were field sobriety tests administered properly? Was the arrest itself even legal? These are all questions an attorney needs to ask to ensure that each client’s rights are defended.

At the Law Offices of Shari R. Gordon, we know that improper actions on the part of law enforcement are often the deciding factors in DWI cases. That is why we devote such a large part of our defense against DWI charges to closely analyzing how our clients were arrested. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can defend you against your DWI charge. We have offices in Yorktown Heights and White Plains.

We examine all options to obtain favorable results for our clients. If you have been arrested for drunk driving (DWI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI or DUI), call 914-962-2722 or contact us online to schedule a free initial telephone consultation with an experienced lawyer.