The Law Offices of Shari R. Gordon is a law firm which practices in all areas of Matrimonial and Family Law.  We handle matters related to divorce, separation and annulment, marriage and domestic partnerships, child custody and visitation, child support, maintenance (alimony or spousal support), property distribution, domestic partnership agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, post-marriage agreements, post-divorce proceedings, neglect/abuse proceedings, domestic violence and termination of parental rights, international divorce and custody issues.  We offer expertise in complex equitable distribution matters involving the valuation of professional licenses, degrees, businesses, stock options, royalty contracts, professional practices, and other forms of intangible property interests.  We also offer mediation and parenting coordination services.

We also provide expert representation with respect to family offense/domestic violence proceedings, paternity, Juvenile Delinquency and Persons in Need of Supervision proceedings, abuse and neglect allegations, adoption, and name change petitions. Our attorneys also provide consultation and drafting of pre-nuptial agreements, pre-marital asset planning and representation in enforcement proceedings.

In addition to and in support of our Matrimonial and Family Law practice, we provide post-judgment services with respect to enforcement and contempt applications, appeals, and collateral services in the fields of estate planning, taxation, and bankruptcy, most often implicated by divorce actions.

In a mediation we act as a neutral third party assisting you and your spouse to outline the issues involved, achieve an informed discussion in a calm and rational manner to assist you to carry out your objectives in divorce or separation.

Either when both parties in a divorce have an agreement in mind that they feel they can live with, or in a negotiation to reach that point, obtaining a separation and settlement agreement is a very cost effective way to avoid litigation, reducing expenses and emotional conflicts to the benefit of the parties and especially their children.

If all alternatives have been exhausted without suitable resolution, we are well prepared and experienced to prosecute or defend all of your interests in matrimonial litigation. Only experienced trial attorneys will appear with you at any Supreme, Family or Appellate Court appearance or related proceeding.

Studies show that collaborative divorce lowers the expenses incurred in divorce by protecting assets for two households. A collaborative settlement agreement is often reached faster than other forms of negotiation and reduces the emotional trauma experienced by the children. The collaborative divorce forges a new approach for the future post divorce.

Our office takes pride in presenting your case and the issues of importance to you with great attention to detail, to your individual determination of the relative importance of different issues, and presenting those issues to the Court with the strongest possible factual support and legal authority available to achieve your desired objectives.

Because we offer a range of family law services beyond divorce, we welcome your inquiries and discussion of those issues as well at our initial conference. To arrange an appointment please call 914-962-2722 or email our office