Cohabitation Agreements

Agreements between parties who do not imminently intend to marry are referred to customarily as “cohabitation agreements’.

Prenuptial Agreements

Agreements between couples contemplating marriage who desire to avoid future confusion as to issues concerning support, distribution of property and debts.

Post-nuptial Agreements

Post-nuptial agreements are contracts between married couples who intend to stay married, however, desire to memorialize their intentions to avoid future conflict in the event of a dissolution of the marriage.

Separation and Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements and separation agreements are now used interchangeably to include both agreements entered into by couples contemplating a separation or divorce or no litigation has begun and also by couples resolving their differences during litigation. In either case, the purpose of the agreement is to avoid the expense of protracted litigation, the emotional toll on the parties, the children, and even the extended families, and the uncertainties that pervade litigation. Because such agreements are complicated, factually and legally, involve the resolution of myriad issues only some of which are financial, and involve very specialized legal concepts and language, the need for experienced attorneys to guide a party through negotiation and resolution of all of these issues and to ensure that the agreement as drafted embodies precisely what the client understands is their agreement, the services of an experienced matrimonial lawyer is indispensible.

The Law Offices of Shari R. Gordon have helped people in Westchester County and across New York State to obtain fair separation and settlement agreements tailored to their individual needs and priorities. If you are contemplating or faced with a separation or divorce issue our office can assist you to negotiate a satisfactory settlement or separation agreement, and ensure that the draft and final agreement embody exactly your understanding. We can thereafter arrange for Court approval and final resolution of your matrimonial issues in a timely and cost effective manner.

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